Thursday, August 25, 2005

Filing returns, and all that jazz

"You kick me like a dog and expect me to smile? You remind me of a jackass." Those words accompanied by the sound of shattering glass used to send us (a weekly gathering of budding wrestlers) into raptures. Enter Stone Cold Steve Austin with his no-nonsense brash attitude. A Quick stunner and he's off, a two minute appearence to satisfy audiences who'd been waiting for an hour. But that was not all, we awaited the arrival of the Great One, the Show Stopper. After a flamboyant smackdown and a people's elbow, the Rock had made his appearence. And we were satisfied. That was a long time ago. I've long since stopped watching WWF.

Trump cars were a manic craze during the early nineties. Yes, it was almost a decade ago! We used to cheat, make secret markings on favourite cards, hide the super-trump up our sleeves - to be produced only when the opponents ace was played. That fad also faded.

Cricket was as important as eating. Irrespective of the searing chennai heat, we played on well past noon having started at day break. Stopping periodically to appease parents who insisted that we eat. But soon the grounds grew small and the times where we used to struggle to clear the boundary passed. A six every other ball was no fun. We went in search of larger stadia.

An evening at the beach with friends became routine. Reminiscing on days gone by, of school and the fact that we were all leaving for good. Then we left.

College was fantastic. Three years gone by too soon. It was another world. Where we lived with gay abandon until the month of Feburary and then did the needful.

This is beginning to become random but the initial resolve to post is fading...nevertheless....let it not be said that George shied away....

I took up the mantle of the working man. Fresh out of college and hopelessly trapped inbetween. To my juniors I was 'earning'. To my colleagues I was still the fresher.

Anyways, to cut a long rambling short, I filed my tax returns today. The IRS can now monitor me. I have to save extraordinary amounts if I want to save on paying tax. I have to make tax saving investments that can be reclaimed only 15 years later. I have a PAN number.

Gone are the days when an F-16 meant just a fancy fighter jet and nothing else.